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BioFilter for Burial Vaults

“Invisibly Small Helpers” for Big Problems We Don’t Like to Talk About

Concrete burial vaults represent the state of the art in interment technology. They reduce the time required for the decomposition process, they can be reused, and they require little in the way of maintenance. And ground engineers have longunderstood that concrete barriers will protect ground water from contamination.

Biologic offers a long-life biofilter specially designed for use in conjunction with the venting and odour-filtration systems employed in concrete burial vaults.

Conventional inorganic filtration systems (e.g. active-charcoal filters) become exhausted or clogged over the course of time. Biofilters, on the other hand, utilize long-term natural biological processes, and therefore remain active for a lengthy period. What’s more, they enjoy a high degree of acceptance amongst cemetery operators.

The gases released from the coffin into the burial vault are broken down by the highly active microorganisms seeded in the filter medium.

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