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Biofilter Material

Entirely Biologically Based and Highly Effective

The “System Biologic” active bio-filtering material is a natural product consisting of a coconut-fibre-based substrate seeded with specially adapted microorganisms. This filtering material (i.e. coconut fibre plus additives) is completely dry, and has been compressed into a dense layer.

Biofiltration provides a straightforward means of cleaning rancid air. The microorganisms in the biofiltering material break down the substances causing the unpleasant smells into harmless residual products such as carbon dioxide and water.

Essentially, the microorganisms seeded in the filter material oxidize decomposing matter into non-harmful substances that do not give off unpleasant smells. In other words, they metabolize the substances contained in the impure air all around the filter substrate.

So, as well as serving as the seeding medium, the filter substrate also functions as a “dinner table“ for the microorganisms.

Although the principle underlying this method of eliminating unpleasant smells is straightforward, its utilization involves the creation of a complex system capable of guaranteeing functional stability on the one hand, and, on the other, providing exactly the right environment for the biochemical decomposition process. The most important condition for the functional efficiency of the filtering material is the maintenance of an ideal living environment for the microorganisms, which are sensitive to changes in factors such as pH values, temperature, humidity and the availability (or otherwise) of nutrients.

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Biofilterdeckel für die Biotonne

universal biofilter lid

Speiserestetonnen: Biofilter-Clipdeckel für die geruchsneutrale Speiserestesammlung

universal biofilter lid for food waste containers


Sammelbehälter mit Bio-Geruchsfilter

domestic waste bins with Biofilter-Lid



bio filter material