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BIOLETTA insoles

Walking on Sweet-Smelling Cloud Nine!

Biologic has developed a product that combats foot odour and athlete’s foot. Its BIOLETTA insoles use resources provided by Mother Nature to beat fungal infections. They have revolutionized the fight against itchy, smelly feet.

BIOLETTA insoles are treated with super-efficient microorganisms, which, together with special enzymes, combat the fungi that cause foot odour and athlete’s foot. How do they do this? By depriving the fungi of the conditions they need to live.

The relief provided by other types of insole (e.g. activated-charcoal insoles) and deodorant sprays is only short-lasting, since the particles that cause the odour are only masked or temporarily enveloped. Additional measures are required for the effective treatment of athlete’s foot..

BIOLETTA insoles utilize entirely biological means to provide lasting relief from embarrassing odours and itching. They help maintain a healthy shoe/foot environment, and of course they are extremely comfortable to wear!

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