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The universal biofilter lid for bio waste bins without molestic odors & maggots

The only technical solution for problem-free organic waste collection




The biofilter lid “System Biologic” at a glance


The biofilter lids “System Biologic” are suitable for most of all two wheel bins according to DIN EN 840. The filter lid prevents by an integrated seal that any gas exchange hast o pass the biofilter. Flies for the oviposition into the barrel interior. Bad smelling odorants are degraded to odorless substances like carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms inside the biofilter.



  • No odor nuisance around the waste bin
  • No maggots and flies inside the bin
  • Microorganisms in the biofilter degrade the fermentation gases
  • Binding of health-threatening fungal spores



  • Increasing the acceptance of the bio bin among the citizens
  • Increase in the connection rate of the voluntary bio-waste bin
  • Scientifically proven increase in organic waste quantity & quality
  • Problem-free 14-day collection in the summer
  • Reduction of waste disposal and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Significant cost reduction



  • Increase in the connection rate of the voluntary bio-waste bin
  • More efficient tour planning
  • Cost reduction of the emptying per garbage bin
The Biofilter Lid “System Biologic” is currently the most effective technical means of minimizing the problems of flies and maggots caused by separate biowaste collection. […] Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the effect is system-bound, causes no further effort or expense for the user and the oviposition of flies inside the container is excluded. View entire study (only in German language available)
Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Werner Mohrig, Greifswald

Investigations on approach, oviposition and propagation of flies in bio bins with biofilter lid "System Biologic"

biofilter-lids for food waste container

domestic waste bins with Biofilter-Lid

Haushalts- Vorsortierer mit Biologic Biofilter / 7l

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…Many companies now surprise with new products that rely on the power of small organic helpers: The Münster biotechnology company Biologic already achieved a considerable degree of publicity and media exposure, as it triggered a veritable run with its ingenious biofilter lids for organic tons, which also currently still holds, because he has hit the nerve of the time exactly. The mode of action of Biologic ‘s clever filter lids are also the non – pathogenic, ie “good” bacteria and their helpful enzymes: They ensure that odor substances are broken down, composting is initiated in the cask and fungal growth is inhibited, so that no harmful discharge of Spurs can take place…

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Karrikatur zur Biotechnolgie

caricature: Joachim Czichos

About 10% of the respondents use the bio-waste bin more frequently than before because of the filter cover. This affects 14% of residents in apartment buildings in inner-city areas and 7% of residents in large housing complexes. The share of biotun non-users decreased to 1% overall. In multi-family houses, the bio-waste bin is now used by all, although before the test, 4% of these households indicated that they never use the bio-waste bin. The use of this filter cover thus leads to a certain extent to an increase in acceptance of the bio bin.

Technical University Chemnitz

300 garbage cans Test as part of the Chemnitz bioproject 2018

No smell, no flies, no maggots. All are satisfied with the filter.

Myga Chrzanowski

Head of Department Waste Management Ostprignitz-Ruppin

We have to change the garbage cans before we need to change the filterlids. No citizen wants to give back the lid and asks immediately if its lid is mounted on the new bin.

Gerhard Münzker

Managing Director Waste Community Association Korneuburg

Have you ever been annoyed by odors and maggots in the organic bin? With a special filter cover you can put an end to this evil. The Municipal Waste Management Magdeburg offers since 2017 more comfort in the biowaste collection. With less maw through the summer !!!


Biotonne Plus

DIN EN ISO 9001 certified

We are pleased that our company has been certified by TÜV-Nord according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 28.01.2010.