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Household waste container with bio odor filter

Collect organic and household waste odorless

  • No odor nuisance around the trash can
  • Keine Maden und Fliegen an und in der Tonne
  • Microorganisms in the biofilter degrade the fermentation gases
  • Binding of unhealthy fungal spores by moist tonsmileu
  • High effectiveness even when used as a dustbin for hygiene articles
  • Perfect for the kitchen and also outside areas
Speisereste-Clipdeckel: Biofilter gegen stinkende Speisereste

Available in sizes 7l / 10l / 20l / 40l

7l household waste container with bio-odor filter

7l household waste container with bio-odor filter

Filter activation on the example of the 10l household waste container with bio-odor filter

To activate the filter material in the odor filter, the cap of the filter can be removed easily. Simply pour 125ml of water into the filter, ready!

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Biofilterdeckel für die Biotonne

universal biofilter lid

Speiserestetonnen: Biofilter-Clipdeckel für die geruchsneutrale Speiserestesammlung

universal biofilter lid for food waste containers


Sammelbehälter mit Bio-Geruchsfilter

domestic waste bins with Biofilter-Lid



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