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POND Water-Treatment System

Desilting and Restoring Shallow Water Bodies

From the day and hour of their creation, standing waters slowly begin to silt up. This is the inevitable result of leaves shed by trees, decaying plant material and the lifeless remains of aquatic creatures sinking to the bottom of the lake or pit or pond.

The natural cycle of decay and growth in standing waters is a very slow process, because the underwater deposits of organic material first of all have to be broken down into a layer of sludge in which the remaining oxygen is gradually used up by populations of microorganisms. When the deposited layer of organic sludge becomes sufficiently thick, anaerobic fermentation takes place. This is a process that offers pathogenic germs ideal breeding conditions.

Biologic has developed a system based on the deployment of mobile aerators and swirlers alongside highly active colonies of bacteria concentrated in five key areas. This system is designed to provide the natural organic cycle of decomposition and growth with a massive boost. As well as helping break down deposits of organic material, it also reduces the eutrophication (over-enrichment with nutrients) of water bodies containing excess quantities of nitrogen and phosphates. The use of mobile aerators and swirlers disturbs and aerates the deposits of organic sludge, and at the same time increases the amount of oxygen in the water.

The presence of adequate supplies of oxygen in the disturbed broth of sludge and water promotes the aerobic biodegradation of the organic compounds contained in the deposits of shed leaves, plant remains, algae etc.

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