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Universal-BioFilter Lid for bio-bins against maggots and stench

Biofilterdeckel gegen Maden und Gestank

With biotechnology it works

Microorganisms and active enzymes do triple work:

  • Degradation of odors in the filter
  • Initiation of composting in the bin
  • Inhibition of fungal growth. As a result, there is no hazardous discharge of spores


Aesthetic and hygienic

  • No annoyance by flies, maggots in the bio bin & rats
  • No unfiltered exchange of indoor and outdoor air
  • Reduction in the formation and release of mold spores

The lid keeps tight

  • Perfect closing elastic double seal
  • Vermin attracting gases can not escape. The intrusion of pests is prevented constructively.
  • Easy and fast installation on all common container systems
  • Easy handling when changing filters
  • Robust and mature construction according to DIN EN 840

so funktionierts

A system pays for itself

  • Increasing the acceptance of the bio bin among the citizens
  • Increase in the connection rate of the voluntary bio-waste bin
  • Scientifically proven increase in organic waste quantity & quality
  • Problem-free 14-day removal in the summer
  • Reduction of waste disposal and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Significant cost reduction


Biologic product selection

Biofilterdeckel für die Biotonne

universal biofilter lid

Speiserestetonnen: Biofilter-Clipdeckel für die geruchsneutrale Speiserestesammlung

universal biofilter lid for food waste containers


Sammelbehälter mit Bio-Geruchsfilter

domestic waste bins with Biofilter-Lid



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