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Universal-BioFilter Lid for Bio-Bins against maggots and stench

Biotechnology is the answer!

Seeded microorganisms and active enzymes have a threefold effect:

  • They break down unpleasant-smelling substances in the filter substrate.
  • They kick-start composting in the bin.
  • They inhibit the growth of fungi. This in turn eliminates the health risks posed by the release of spores into the air.


Practical and Hygienic

  • The problems associated with flies, maggots, rats and other vermin are eliminated.
  • No unfiltered mingling of the atmosphere in the bin with the outside air.
  • The formation and release of harmful fungal spores is greatly reduced.

Tightly Fitting Lid


  • Perfectly fitting lid with an airtight double elastic seal
  • Prevents the escape of the gases that attract pests. Designed to stop vermin and pests getting inside the bin.
  • Easy and quick fit on to all the common bin systems.
  • Easy to change filter pads.
  • Robust and well-engineered construction to DIN EN 84


How it works

A system which pays for itself

Changing to our lid system pays for itself over a wide area in the first year and makes savings in the subsequent years.

  • Changing to our lid system allows you to make significant savings on personnel and logistic costs even in summer as fortnightly collection intervals are possible.
  • Changing to our lid system is a sensible addition to the chip and identification systems on the market.
  • Changing to our lid system requires no maintenance over the 2 year lifetime of the filter material.
  • Changing to our lid system provides you with the peace of mind that our system is not only scientifically tested but tried and tested in towns and cities with outstanding consumer feedback.
  • Tried and tested

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