The active bio-filtering material is a natural product consisting of a coconut-fibre-based substrate seeded with specially adapted microorganisms. This filtering material (i.e. coconut fibre plus additives) is completely dry and has been compressed into a dense layer.

Biofiltration provides a straightforward means of cleaning rancid air. The microorganisms in the biofiltering material break down the substances causing the unpleasant smells into harmless residual products such as carbon dioxide and water.

bio-filter material Specs:

bio-filter material

Active bio-filter material ‚System Biologic’

Natural substrate based on coconut fibres (Coir) and specially adapted micro- organisms.

Active enzymes and strains of the Bacillus subtilis Group, accordingly to the regulation B 006 classified as absolutely safe for man and nature.  Permanent controls guarantee a high standard.

Water retaining buffers, pH stabilizers.

Shelf life:
Up to three years when stored dry and at temperatures below 50° C.

The filtermaterial must be wetted, in order to activate the microorganisms and completely fill the chambers by maceration.

Disposal of filtermaterial:
By the bio bin as organic waste.