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With our products based on modern biotechnology, we are a partner to municipal and private waste management.

The photo shows the company headquarters in Münster, where administration and marketing & sales are located. Production takes place in Quedlinburg and Teterow.

Our products


Partner of municipal waste management

The focus of BIOLOGIC GmbH & Co.KG is on modern biotechnology and the development of biotechnological products and processes for environmental protection. Our products combine high-performance microorganisms with the ability to degrade pollutants and odorous substances with plastic products made partly from 100% recycled material.

In close cooperation with universities, technical colleges and other scientific institutes, a wide variety of products and processes have been developed to technical market maturity with a corresponding marketing concept.

Today BIOLOGIC is established on the market as a partner of municipal and private waste management and operates worldwide. In addition to its main product, the bio-filter lid for clean, odor-free and hygienic collection of organic waste and a wide variety of bio-filters, the company offers various products for the temporary collection of waste. This also includes 2-wheel and 4-wheel Bins for all waste fractions with a high recycling content and high robustness, as well as organic pre-sorters with organic odor filters made from 100% recycled PP.

The company is 100% owned by the management. 50% of the shares are held by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Andreas Knappheide and 50% of the shares are held by Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Sven Betting.

Board of Management

Andreas Knappheide
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sven Betting
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Julian Knappheide
Head of Internal Operations

Birgit Casper
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Dr. Herbert Rehms
Head of Research & Development

BIOLOGIC Firmensitz in Münster
BIOLOGIC Firmensitz in Münster
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