clip-bio-filter lid for food waste bins clip-bio-filter lid for food waste bins
food waste bins without stench & maggots

The Clip-Bio filter lid can be fitted in seconds to ensure an odor-free environment in the food garbage can and to keep flies and maggots at bay. Thanks to the Clip-Bio filter lid, cost-intensive and climate-damaging garbage can cooling is no longer necessary.

clip-bio-filter lid for food waste bins

Simply hook onto the handle tube

At a glance

  • Perfectly closing, elastic double seal
  • A biofilter decomposes digester gases into "fresh air
  • The seal of the filter lid prevents the penetration of flies and the emergence of maggots
  • Placement and removal of the bio-filter lid in seconds before and after garbage can exchange
  • Easy handling during filter change
  • Robust and sophisticated design according to DIN EN 840
  • Available 120/140 l as well as 240 l bins

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Clip-Bio filter lid
I had already obtained quotes for a barrel cooling system. That would have cost almost €3,500.
Klaus Weingartz
Klaus Weingartz
Hotel Hinterding in Lengerich

The perfect circuit for hygienic food waste collection

With microorganisms against bad odors and vermin

The bio-filter lid is equipped with a special seal resistant to problematic kitchen waste such as cooking oils. This seal thoroughly seals the container against foul odors and vermin. The core component, the bio-filter, works safely with high-performance microorganisms under all conditions of use. The filter material has a shelf life of a good year despite the heavy load.

Delivery of a clean **120l food waste container**.

Delivery of a clean 120l food waste container.

Fold back original cover

Fold back original cover

Hook **in** in a matter of seconds.

Hook in in a matter of seconds.

Bio-filter cover **closes**.

Bio-filter cover closes.

Unhooking in seconds

Unhooking in seconds

Close original cover

Close original cover

Container ready for exchange. **Important:** Please remove filter cover before each emptying!

Container ready for exchange. Important: Please remove filter cover before each emptying!

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