bio-filter material bio-filter material
bio-filter material

Bio-filter material "System Biologic": Long service life, reliable elimination of odors and sustainable: easy disposal in organic waste after 2 years.

2 years maintenance-free service life

Bio-filter material for bio-filter cover and pre-sorter with odor filter

With microorganisms against bad odors
Function of the bio-filter material: microorganisms break down odors into carbon dioxide and water

Bio filter material for bio filter lids

Organic waste bins with a "System Biologic" bio-filter lid are the ideal solution for the hygienic collection of organic waste. With a maintenance-free service life of 2 years, the bio-filter in the "System Biologic" bio-filter lids is the most sensible and sustainable method of filtering bad odors from the bio-bin.

At a glance

  • Maintenance-free service life of at least 2 years
  • Microorganisms decompose resulting digester gases and odors into carbon dioxide & water
  • fast & uncomplicated filter change
  • easy disposal of the filter in organic waste after 2 years
Filter material for the 240l bio waste bin
Filter material for the 60l 80l and 120l bio waste bins
Filter material for the presorters for the household

Bio filter material downloads

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