bio-filter lid bio-filter lid
Organic waste bin: an end to maggots and stench...

... with a bio-filter lid "System Biologic"! The standard for a hygienic and odorless organic waste bins.

System Biologic

bio-filter lid

The ideal solution for the hygienic collection of organic waste
Bio-Filterdeckel für die hygienische Sammlung von Bioabfällen

Organic waste bins without stench & maggots

Bio-bins with a bio-filter lid "System Biologic" are the ideal solution for the hygienic collection of bio-waste. The filter lid uses a circumferential seal to prevent rotten gases from escaping to the outside and flies from entering the inside of the garbage can to lay their eggs. The resulting putrefactive gases in the garbage can are split into carbon dioxide and water by micro-organisms and enzymes in the bio-filter and released into the environment without odor.

At a glance

  • Perfectly closing, elastic double seal
  • A biofilter decomposes digester gases into "fresh air
  • The seal of the filter lid prevents the penetration of flies and the emergence of maggots
  • Easy and quick mounting on all common container systems
  • Easy handling during filter change
  • Robust and sophisticated design according to DIN EN 840
  • Available for 60/80 l MGB, 120/140 l as well as 240 l bins
  • Optionally also with SUDHAUS gravity lock. - Further informations

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Videos about the biofilter lid for organic waste bins (in german)

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