June 2023

10,000 pre-sorters made of recycled PP with odor filter and 1 million paper bags for LK Sigmaringen

T10,000 presorters with odor filters and 1 million paper bags for LK Sigmaringen
10,000 presorters with odor filters and 1 million paper bags for LK Sigmaringen

When the organic waste garbage can starts in the Sigmaringen district in 2024, not only will all MGBs have a bio-filter lid. We are also pleased to supply 10,000 pre-sorters with odor filters "System BIOLOGIC" as well as 1 million paper bags.

The paper bags are produced according to "Blue Angel" and Din EN 13432 suitable for biowaste collection and compostable. The paper bags are provided with sorting instructions.

Already some months ago the district council in the LK Sigmaringen had decided that each citizen is to receive 100 wet-strength paper bags per year, in order to avoid the possible disturbing substance input also by allegedly compostable plastic bags. True to the motto: What the citizen already has, he does not get himself.

Compostable plastic bags do not decompose within 90 days in the composting process and have to be removed with considerable effort, just like other disturbing substances.

We are pleased that the district of Sigmaringen has created very good conditions for the collection of organic waste with the bio-bins with bio-filter lids, the pre-sorters with odor filters as well as the paper bags for the citizens and that we as BIOLOGIC can make our contribution.

The presorters are made of 100% recycled PP and the final assembly is implemented by a local workshop for the disabled.

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