October 2022

aha Hannover: Optimizing processes around the bio-filter lid

Bio-filter cover is tendered since 2022 already pre-assembled on the MGB
Many thousands of bio-filter lids are already in use at aha Hannover
Foto: Sven Betting

Hanover | Optimizing processes together: Last week, Biologic sales manager Sven Betting had the opportunity at aha Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover, together with Dr. Matthias Deppe (deputy head of recyclables collection / photo right) and Mario Klöpper (left) from the container management of the waste management of the state capital to see the result of an optimization planned in October last year at the bio-filter lid on site.

Until 2022, aha Hannover had ordered the bio-filter lids separately, and when citizens ordered the bio-filter lid, they re-capped existing garbage cans.

"We then always had the old lid over," recalls Mario Klöpper. In addition, the constant re-lidding of the garbage cans made the work of the bin service more difficult.

The need for 1500 MGB with bio-filter lids per year, Hannover has now tendered at the beginning of the year completely with pre-mounted bio-filter lid - the company Schäfer (SSI Plastics) has been awarded the contract. This saves considerable time in container management. The garbage can at the citizen is simply replaced.

More about the bio-filter lid at aha Hannover:

aha Hannover bio garbage can with bio filter lid
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